Friday, June 3, 2011

A Very Lonely Place Awaits

A few years from now,
I’ll be somebody, they say,
A mansion for a house,
A monster for a car,
Money to do as I please with,
Travel to places never heard of,
I wonder whom will I share all of it with?
Papa never much believed in luxury,
The quartz I bought him from my first salary,
Was the most precious thing he ever owned,
Mamma can be bribed with a new sari,
But it’s her health I worry about,
Fame can’t buy my demi dog,
Unlimited life that we could spend,
Chasing butterflies, playing in our lawn,
They’ll be long gone, I fear,
What use are your plans for me,
When there won’t be anyone left,
To lift me from the ground and hug me tight,
To whisper softly in my ears,
Proud of you, our darling girl,
Someday seems a lonely place,
Without those who keep me sane...a very lonely place indeed.


Anukriti Sharma said...

I love your poetry! They are simply fantabulous! You write beautifully and the more I read the more I fall in love with you n your writing... This post in particular seems to speak my thoughts...vivid imagery and apt use of words make it a wonderful read! thanks for writing such beautiful verses... looking forward to read your novel :)

dollz dhankher said...

Hey Anukriti,
Wow, thank you so much! Coming from you its quite a compliment I have read a bit of your stuff and its beautiful, so thank you!

"If everyone was alone,
There would be no need for poetry,
And hurt would simply fester in our hearts,
Yet, we share what we feel,
Hoping someone will hear our silent plea..."

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