Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christ Calling

The light through the doorway fell in a vacant room,
Vacant of emotion,
Of people making merry,
Leftovers on the table,
Rags stitched many times over,
Covered a frail body,
The sole occupant sat listening to a party,
In the high-rise next to his shanty,
He has only heard of Santa,
And of Christ’s birth,
They are generous at the church during the festive season,
He’s got new ear muffs,
No longer the mad beggar,
He’s looked kindly upon,
Jesus, he thinks, must be a great guy,
To have finally convinced half the selfish world,
To give for the sake of giving,
A loving gesture, a genuine smile.


One Life. Many Moments. said...

I loved dis one! :)U write amazingly, ismita. I look forward to reading all ur posts !

Happy new year :)

Ismita Tandon Dhankher said...

@One life, Many Moments...I am glad you enjoyed reading this post. You see it’s very rare these days to get people to read morose stuff (yup, everyone wants rainbows and butterflies) so thank you!
And this might be of interest to you, a very talented friend and I have started this FB page ‘Moonlighting by The Sufi Masroof’. Her pictures and my poetry, do check it out.
May your New Year be filled with love, laughter and happiness!!/pages/Moonlighting-by-the-Sufi-Masroof/107327486051803

One Life. Many Moments. said...

I love every bit of the page, ismita :) very inspiring.
Thankyou for sharing! :)

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