Monday, January 16, 2012

The Other

From darkness is born the miraculous light.

To have seen fear,
Is to have seen the scarred face of courage,
To have known failure,
Is to have known the exalted taste of victory,
To have felt hurt,
Is to have felt the pin-pricks of love,
For, today’s sinner is the saint of tomorrow,
His ugliness,
Merely a ruse to hide the exquisite inside.

Believe it or not,
The wicked are closer to finding God,
Their flaws like flowers,
Waiting to blossom when the season is right,
Just as the clouds of despair rain hard,
Only to fade into the rainbow of hope.


aakash said...

hmm.. rays of hope in your words, for sure..
though I am a lover of darkness, to be embraced the way it is, not intended to reshape into light.. pain is a gift :)


Ritz.. said...

This is absolutely beautiful and too deep .... somehow I my self belive the sinners are closer to finding god... dunno wha about the rest ... its like the perfect verse !!!


Ismita Tandon Dhankher said...

@Aakash, thanks.
Very true, the finest of artist, writers, musicians are gifted, they learns to transcend pain and create something beautiful out of it.

@Ritz, thank you so much! Many would relate to this, we all are wicked, aren't we :)

Someone is Special said...

You said it all in this poem Poet..

Someone is Special

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