Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Piece of God’s Favoured Land

I own this island,
Where my will governs the course of the river,
The shrubs and bushes bow to me,
The earth grows the grain in my honour,
And spring is a gift from the winter melancholy,
This bequest is too generous,
Perhaps, I should give the island back,
And thank the original owner,
For letting me believe that it was mine to keep,
How could I ever claim to own,
A piece of God’s favoured land,
I, who know no humility,
I, who hoard for eternity,
I, who fight for peace and steal to eat,
I can’t be the owner,
Just an ordinary thief,
Filling my pockets with worthless trinkets,
Foolishly believing my wealth lies in the debris of ownership...

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